My name is Justin Michael Bale.  For as long as I can remember I have loved learning and loved technology. From the first VCR my family purchased when I was a kid to programming Android applications I have always sought to understand how things work.

It is this passion for learning and technology that landed me in the software industry for more than a decade.  I’ve performed a myriad of roles on many software projects in an array of different industries.  I’ve built small stand alone applications and large enterprise systems along with everything in between.  This includes complicated email systems, scheduling software, e-commerce sites, and just about every band-aid solution you can think of.  I have become a master at smashing square pegs through round holes.  My area of expertise is in server side technologies (primarily in Java based platforms) and shuttling data between fancy widgets and underlying databases.

Through out my time as an engineer I was tasked with creating various solutions and then teaching my co-workers how to use them.  It was during this time that my interest in teaching was peaked.  As much as I loved coding the applications and finding new methods  for problem solving, I found that I actually enjoyed teaching these solutions to others more.  It was intrinsically satisfying but in a different manner.  As such, I have enrolled at the University of Colorado Denver to pursue a MA in Information and Learning Technologies.  My current goal is to learn as much about teaching as possible and get as much experience as I can.  My goal for the near future is to teach graduate level technology courses.